Goodies Galore

Shop 18, 60 Langford Ave
Langford, Perth, Western Australia

Monday to Friday 9AM to 3PM

Bak Kwa Perth


Malaysian Style Bak Kwa
Australian Made
Family Owned Since ‘92

Australia-wide express delivery available!

Minimum order 1kg via Australia Post
Contact us on 08 9451 6133 or Facebook Messenger

Standard Australia Post fees apply.

fresh daily

No added preservatives,
flavouring, MSG
or artificial colouring

What is Bak kwa?

Bakkwa, is a food tradition from Southern China. Thin slices of meat are marinated with sugar and spices, air-dried and barbequed.

Our story

In 1988, Aunty Bee migrated to Perth from Kuala Lumpur and began to crave bakkwa. She started making bakkwa from her kitchen as a hobby, and in 1992, Goodies Galore as we know it was born. Fast forward to today, Aunty Bee is now Granny Bee (Mama Bee) and has passed on the reigns to the next generation.